Zambia’s Youth Advocate Tiza Mukuka has called on Rapper Mwila Musonda Also Known As Slapdee to apologize on a live broadcast for what he did prior to the country’s general elections.

According to Mukuka, it is the only way he rapper will enjoy cordial relationship with Zambians, else it will affect his music career.

Mukuka was reacting to the move taken by Zambians not to vote for Slapdee as he has been nominated by AFRIMMA Awards as Best Male Rapper Southern following his involvement with Patriotic Front (PF) party in the August 12, 2021 general polls.

“Look at me SLAPDEE, as Tiza Mukuka I enjoy a strong and good relationship with Zambian youth and they love me because I have expressed true patriotism more than any other youth in the country and you too can do that,” said Mukuka.

“Speaking on behalf of the youth, I am compelled to advise my EMBATTLED brother Mwila MUSONDA to publicly apologize on a live broadcast to all Zambian fans or else this social media bash will affect his musical career because that’s the condition,”

Mukuka therefore urged Zambians to give Slapdee a chance if he comply ad apologizes on a live broadcast and vote for him as they did with their current president Hakainde Hichilema.

“I would like to appeal to all Zambians to give him a chance the minute he publicly apologizes on live broadcast and vote him in the A awards like you voted for President HICHILEMA,” he said.

Speaking to one of the local media houses, Slapdee said he has realized that he made a mistake and that mixing music and politics does not get along.

But Slapdee said he really did not have a choice because of contractual obligations saying what he did was ‘necessary’.

The rapper however says he has learnt that politics and the music business don’t mix.

He then added that he is very excited about the nomination but advised Zambians that if they do not want to vote for him, they should vote for other Zambians nominated by AFRIMMA.

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