Zambia’s top rapper Mwila Musonda alias Slapdee has finally apologized to Zambians over his conduct prior to the country’s August 12, 2021 general elections and has withdrawn his AFRIMMA nomination.

Over the week Zambians flooded social media ridiculing Slapdee following his nomination by AFRIMMA Awards as Best Male Rapper Southern and told him that it is time for their revenge.

“The last two days have been heavy with debates over my AFFRIMA nomination. This has somehow dragged to the people I love and care for because what started as an honest debate has turned into total turmoil,” said Slapdee.

Prior to Zambia’s 2021 General Elections, Slapdee was among few rappers and musicians who sided with the opposition Patriotic Front (PF) party which is being led by Zambia’s former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

In the statement, Slapdee admitted that he took his influence for granted and made a selfish decision.

“I let down the very people I should have fought for and stood by. For that I am HONESTLY SORRY,” he said.

“Contrary to circulating rumor, I have never said “fans don’t put food on my table.” I know better than that. I was built by a loyal fan base,” he added.

He rapper then clarified that his apology is not written to win sympathy over the ongoing nomination “but purely for a smooth and peaceful life with those I may have hurt. Indeed mistakes were made and lessons have been learnt.”

Slapdee then announced that he has withdrawn his AFRIMMA nomination.

“As a sign of remorse, I have asked management to withdraw my AFRIMMA nomination with immediate effect because what’s winning a trophy when you can’t win the hearts of your own people?” asked Slapdee.

Zambians have since accepted his apology with a little few still trolling him.

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