Kenyan Child serial killer Masten Wanjala has been killed two days after he escaped from the Jogoo Road Police Station under unclear circumstances.

It has now been revealed that Wanjala escaped from the police station in Nairobi and headed back to his rural home in Mukweya village, Bungoma county.

The serial killer was lynch on Thursday evening at his home area, he was positively identified as he played football and residents pounced on him.

The irate mob attacked Masten Wanjala with all manner of crude weapons they could lay their hands on, killing him on the spot.

Mukweya village area chief Boniface Diera confirmed Masten Wanjala’s death saying the self confessed serial killer met his end on Thursday evening.

Masten was set to appear in court on Wednesday when police noticed he was missing when they were conducting the routine rollcall in the morning.

It is suspected that Masten Wanjala might have escaped from the custody either on Wednesday morning or Tuesday night since he was at the facility the whole of Tuesday.

Following the developments of his escape from custody, senior police officers visited the station in an effort to understand what happened.

Masten Milimo Wanjala popularly known as the self confessed vampire recently revealed that he had killed more than ten children.

The suspect was arrested on July 13th by the criminal detectives from Buruburu police station after he kidnapped the 12 year old Junior Mutuku Musyoka and the 13 year old Charles Opindo.

The two lifeless bodies would later be retrieved dumped in a thicket.

The 20 year old killer was scheduled to be presented before the court on Wednesday October 13th before he went missing.

Three police officers were arrested and charged in court in connection with Masten Wanjala’s disappearance.


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