One of Zambia’s controversial prophets, Ian Genesis has said he has forgiven Simon Mwewa of Simon Mwewa Lane Television.

The self-styled man of God said this through his Facebook page saying he has decided to let off Mwewa for the pain he caused in his life.

According to Genesis, he cursed Mwewa publicly for the insults, bad words he allegedly said.

“As Prophet Ian Genesis- the mandate, I cursed Mr SIMON MWEWA publicly by the anointing for all the insults, bad words and pain he caused me,” said prophet Genesis.

Genesis added that he has forgiven Mwewa despite not being approached by Mwewa to forgive him.

“Today I have forgiven him publicly! He has not asked me to forgive him, but I personally forgive him,” he said.

Recently, Mwewa was also dragged to court by Tasila Lungu, daughter of the country’s former president Edgar Lungu on defamation charges.

The case is still on going.

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