The Department of Marine Services and the Marine Police has warned boat operators against non compliance with set standards for water transport.

The sentiments were expressed during a stakeholders meeting with boat owners which focused on issues of safety of passengers and cargo coincidentally came just a week after a boat that had carried Anglican Church members capsized at Mtawa in Usisya due to overloading.

Speaking during the meeting Director of Marine Services, Captain John Mhango said the aim of the meeting was to sensitize boat owners on the importance of safety regulations on Lake Malawi shipping operations.

Mhango made reference to the accident that happened in Usisya saying it was largely to do with overloading.

He said: “If regulations were followed the incident that happened in Usisya could have been avoided or no one could have lost a life, sadly the accident claimed the life of an Anglican Clergy.”

According to Mhango it was established that apart from overloading, the boat was carrying passengers on a cargo boat which had no adequate safety gadgets for passengers which is contrary to regulations.

Chief Surveyor of Vessels, Wilson Luwani explained the detailed procedures followed in acquiring and certification of vessels to be used on Lake Malawi and all the waters of Malawi.

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