Being taken to basic training is a big change in one’s reality and surroundings. This first part of basic combat training is discipline, which apart from the physical stress, is to align you with a standard form of conduct that is fit for an active soldier. You are essential to follow orders in the chain of command, act according to the manner, and set an example to others.

For a civilian to be forced to undergo mandatory military training, is essential for the country and the individual is expected to be transformed into a different being capable of following orders. The recruits that have the most difficulty are the ones who have trouble adjusting their comfortable reality to this new one. Additional benefits at this stage of training are that you are forced to forgo a lot of ego and part of the training is to get you to work in a “unit”.

Guinea’s interim President, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya as a disciplined soldier himself wants to impact the same level of quality into his selected ministers forming the cabinet. Hence, he has initiated military training program for his ministers to experience how it is like to be a soldier.

This initiative requires the participation of all cabinet members including the leader of government business, prime minister Mohammed Beavogui. He was delighted to lead his cabinet members and stated that “the army symbolizes discipline, toughness, and sacrifice. These three words will guide the transitional government of which I am honored to lead.”

Another advantage to basic training at the Kaleya Camp is that those ministers who are less physically fit are brought to a certain level of fitness that is standard endurance expected by the coup leader which qualifies an individual to occupy a position. Doumbouya wants to leave a lasting legacy.

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