SA-Based Man Demands His Lobola Back After He Finds His Wife In Bed With Her Lover


A South African based man is demanding his lobola back after he caught his wife in bed with another man.

35-year-old Mkhiwa Ndlovu from Tsholotsho’s area of Mapengula was on 21 November this year busted by her husband, Simon Mpofu (38)  having s_ex with her lover.

On the fateful day, Mpofu reportedly came home unannounced from South Africa after he had been tipped off by one of the villagers that his wife had a boyfriend.

Mpofu is alleged to have waited for nightfall before he made his way home, where he caught his wife pants down with another man in their bedroom.

A local tabloid reports that Mkhiwa and her boyfriend ran away naked after Mpofu busted them. The two lovers were spotted by villagers at Tsholotsho Business Centre running in different directions.

Meanwhile, after he caught his wife cheating on him, Mpofu is alleged to have engaged people to talk with his father-in-law Gibson Ndlovu to see how he can compensate him for the damage caused by his daughter and pay him back the lobola he had paid.

He is also demanding his property back that he had given them for safe-keeping.

I don’t want to fight. I bought donkeys and a cart that I was safe-keeping at my in-laws. I want my property back. I also want them to repay me the lobola I paid for their daughter to end this chapter.

“My wife ran away and I don’t know where she is, so the father has to compensate me because she is his daughter,” said Mpofu.

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