Now your android device carries a lot of information between its hardware systems that you might find quite difficult to access, especially having precious data. So today, I’m going to show you a couple of tips and tricks about your android device using secret codes.

Remember, pound also means hash on your phone.

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So today’s codes. I’m going to start from three carriers At&t, Verizon Wireless, T mobile and any smartphone. These codes are going to be able to help you view your data usage. The first method that we’re going to do, we’re going to go ahead and put in star 3282 pounds (*3282#). And then we’re going to hit call now. This is going to work for me because I’m also an At&t customer.

Okay, so once you put that in, go and hit the call button. A box is going to pop up, and it’s going to say thanks you. Your request is being processed. A message will be sent to your phone.

Now moving on to Verizon Wireless. I’m not going to hit the call button on this because it’s not going to work, since I’m not a horizon wireless customer. So when you’re ready put in the code put in *3282#. Then hit the call button and then you’re going to get the exact same message.

Once you get done doing that from T mobile customers, you want to go ahead and put in #93# again and then hit the call button, and so yes. I hope this helps you all guys as far as your data and your usage.

We’re going to be moving on next codes as far as I M E I now this is going to work on all android devices. We’re going to be going over IMEI. We’re to be going for menu information and GPS quick test, so the first one is I M E I code. We’re going to go ahead and put in *#06# and then as you can see, the IMEI pops up now, as you can see, it does work, and once you get done doing that. Just hit, okay.

Now, we’re going to be moving into the menu information code. What you want to do is you want to go ahead and put in *#*4630*#* again. Now this is going to come up and it’s going to be tested for your information on your device. Your battery information usage and wifi information. Okay, once you go ahead and fiddle around doing what you’re doing in there, go ahead and just hit the back button, it takes you back to your keypad.

We’re going to be moving on to GPS quick test again, these codes that I’m doing right now works on any android devices, okay, so the first one you want to do for GPS quick tests is *#*#1472365#*#*. Now the United protocol debug tool pops, and it’s going to show you protocol debug screen ADB show on device protocol test and protocol settings.

So what you get done, doing what you want to do with you, go ahead and go back to your dialer pad again. Now what we’re going to be doing right now is for Motorola device code and about to be giving you guys is a hidden function menu for your Motorola devices. So to get started, you are hitting ##776472 now once you type that in, go ahead and hit the call button and then whatever menu pops up, it’s going to say a hidden function menu for your Motorola device.

So once you get done doing that, there’s more to come from Motorola. Actually, I take that back. I’m sorry, that’s the only code that I could get my hands on as far as Motorola in general. Now if you guys have HTC devices, here’s a code that you’re going to do a test program on your device. So in order to get that started, you want to go ahead and put in *#*#3424#*#. This is not going to work on my device unless you have a HTC device.

So once you go ahead and you put that code in and I’ll read it back to you guys, it’s **#3424#*#* now moving on. And it still going with HTC, just a call caution that this code that am about to be giving you guys as a phone reset.

So be caution when you do this ##786# hit the call button is on. Take you directly into your phone reset menu.

Now in order to do a diagnostic mode with HTC, what you want to go ahead and put in is ##342#, it’s a call button and then a diamond slip nose is going to pop up for your HTC device.

Now, we’re going to be moving on to difference codes, and that’s pretty much all I got guys, so the next one and be caution. Because if you guys are using an HTC device and this code that I’m about to give you, it can do a full factory reset, so be cautious when using this code. The first code is going to be *2767 again 27677*3855# now once you put this in, you hit your call buttons.

You’re going to take you into a menu that’s going to say factory reset pool on your device, and again, it’s *2767*2767*355#. So once you put this in, go ahead and hit your call buttons going to take it to your factory reset menu, and after you get done, put a within this is also for HTC.

Now, you can have a code put in to activate your dialer log mode, and do that, just go ahead and hit *#*# 8351#*#* now after you get done doing that, if you want to form at your device. And I’m giving you caution as well for this the code to get your format device is going to be *2767*355# again. This code is to format your device and use it with caution, but again, when you get them, put in that code and hit the call button.

Don’t take you right into that format device and menu options. This is a few tips and tricks codes for your android device. I hope everything runs smoothly with you guys. If you enjoyed this article, hit that like button, don’t forget to hit on the follow button at the top right corner. I want to say to all you guys out there that has followed. I really appreciated so far, Take care of you guys and stay safe, peace.

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