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How to set up a Christmas tree

One of the most hallowed Christmas traditions is hanging up a Christmas tree. It is a great bonding activity for members of the family.

When choosing a tree you can use a real tree or a fake one. In Nigeria, most people use fake trees and this has many advantages. The main advantage of using a fake tree is that it does not get old and die and you can always reuse it every year.

So how do you set up a Christmas tree?

Your Christmas tree can be based on a particular theme. It could be the theme of the birth of Jesus so all your ornaments would be able to do that.

You might have to set it up from the pack and mount it yourself. Do not forget to fluff it properly to look full and fresh. Don’t worry, it is not hard to mount. Also, some trees can be bought already mounted.

Whatever you do, put the lights on first. That should be your first task.

Make sure each branch on every tree is hung with an ornament. Add all the heavy ornaments to the bottom and the lighter ones at the top.

Keep your tree in a prominent position in your house. Always choose a good angle.

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