Brian May Reveals Horrifying Disease Experience


The virus causing the global pandemic that’s been raging for two years has a different effect on everyone who gets it. Some get away with mild symptoms that only last for a few days spent in bed resting while killing time watching TV or playing games at Betway Zambia online casino. Others, in turn, suffer more severe effects, often leading to more unfortunate outcomes.

Unlike previous epidemics, this one doesn’t spare the famous faces and celebrities of the world. The next one in line to reveal his experience with the virus is the British rock legend – Queen guitarist and songwriter Brian May.

Speaking to the newspapers in his native Britain, May has revealed that his experience with the virus was “horrible”.

Incredibly careful

Speaking to the press, May has revealed that he was “incredibly careful” throughout the pandemic, observing the recommendations of the authorities and the public health specialists to the letter. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as May himself is 74 years old, and his wife, Anita Dobson, is 72 – both of them fall into the especially sensitive category.

But at one time, they decided to go out to a birthday lunch held by a friend. To make things worse, all participants at the event have produced negative tests before sitting down maskless to the table. Still, the virus has proven to be sneakier than any of them would’ve thought – the rock legend fell ill a few days later.


May has revealed that he started feeling the symptoms of the disease as early as the Monday after the birthday dinner. On Tuesday, in turn, things turned up to 11 when it was announced that eight of the participants at the lunch have since tested positive for the disease.

The rock legend has revealed later that week that his experience with the disease was “horrible” – like having the worst flu you can imagine. He only shared the news with the world after he has started to feel better, though, asking for no sympathy, pointing out that he pushed through the disease and will tell the tale.

May took this opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of getting vaccinated against the virus. As he pointed out, he was infected after getting all the necessary jabs. If he suffered this much from the disease while vaccinated, he pointed out, he couldn’t imagine how the experience could’ve been without being protected. He finished with a Christmas message to urge his followers to get the jab – after all, none of them want to have their winter holidays ruined by the disease.

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