Malawians React To Sentencing Of Andrew Chagaga, Police Officer Who Raped MUBAS Student While In Cell


Today, High Court Judge Vikochi Chima has sentenced former police officer Andrew Chagaga to 30 years imprisonment for raping a 17-year-old girl.

He committed the crime in December 2020 while serving as a police officer.

Below are some of the views from Malawians on Chagaga’s sentencing;

Edson Willy said; Poor Educated people, They only misuse their power, What inhumanity is this to a very respectful man like this??. If you can investigate, you will find out that he is already married but not satisfied…Malawi Malawi, where is your origin? Such people are dirtting this country. They a have to be fully punished, 30years is just a little.

Andsen Banda said; This ex police officer was using his waist to think than his brain. His manhood has landed him in trouble. Lustfulness is a recipe for destruction. I welcome the judgement, this police officer behaved in a manner that had put the name of police into disrepute. He was never supposed to be one in the first place. To the victim, i say that move on with your life you have a full life ahead of you.

Samuel Simba said; When the hunter is hunted. Apapa ndiye waziwa mmene kumangidwa kumawawila. Pleasure of about a minute has costed him 30 good year’s in jail.

Davies Daire said; This is very harsh sentence others are getting 12 years, 14 years i think our courts must explain why they sentencing different?.

Rashid Mdoka wrote; Why only 30 yrs ?? And in actual sense this is 15 years because you count days and night.The girl suffered; physically, psychologically and what about her health as well and image in the society?? 30 years it’s just too lenient on this criminal police officer. So this criminal is coming back after 15 years ?? Are we really serious about ending this evil malpractice?? In other parts of the world, this was life sentence or death sentence.

Noel Chitenje wrote; Lessons to other cops who feel above the law.

Dannex Missi said; He deserves such a penalty since he was law enforcer but rather decided to behave in such a way to that innocent girl Bravo High court.

Jannah Shaban said; The sentence is too much harsh. In consideration of the nature of the crime committed by an offender.

His-excellencey Lieutenanti Richard Kamakona wrote; kukoma kwa 45 seconds ululu wake mpaka dzaka 30 nyekhwe!!! ulibho mfana ukageba after kumva kudzuna.

Louis Uko said; What this guy did is a huge damage to the Malawi Police Service, he rapped the girl whilst in custody as if the MPS they don’t train officer well.

Arthur Kamonga said; The guy has been overpunished I can tell. 30 yrs just the same as life imprisonment.

Gere Jere wrote; Consequences of thinking using your gadaffi instead of using your head. Nde azabwerako atakalambatu.

Jonathan Banda wrote; We are all offenders. The only difference is that some get caught some don’t get caught. Ana azaka 13, 14, 15 akudyedwa mmakwalalamu ndi amthu akuluakulu only that samagwidwa. Tiyeni tizikhala osamalisa popanga zinthu.

Chiku Chibweya said; Malume kulephera mbalume kumeneko kungoganiza zongombwandirira ngati nkhuku basi,ayi zikomo yendani bwino pamene mukukayamba moyo wina watsopano kumeneko.

Moya Kamoto Bright wrote; Ma round awiri 30 years in jail. Ndiye kuti azatuluka 2050 koma asadandaule azatipedza tisanayambepo za vision 2063 timudikira.

Kho Chitsime wrote; Mwamuphatu kawiri pamenepo, waluza ntchito, akupita ku ndende zakanso zochuluka, ndalama zake za peshoni zipotera and the girl is 17 yrs mmmmmmmmmmm need justice coz kungochosedwa ntchito ndichilango kale.

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