A Prophecy made by one the countries known prophet Rodrick Mtupa has come true who prophecized that Malawi national football team the flames will have the upper hand in all its football games.

On 31st December last year Mtupa made a Prophecy where he is quoted to have said that the flames this year will make a name by winning most of its games it plays.

Currently the Malawi national football team has managed to enter into the second round of the African Cup of the Nation-AFCON after its draw with Senegal on Tuesday.

Prophet Rodrick Mtupa of Holy Place Cathedral International Ministries make the prophecy at Comesa hall in Blantyre,he said 2022 is the year where the Flames will make a name in the whole world and that people will fail to believe what will happen.

“I should assure you that Malawi National football team this year will achieve its goals contrary to people’s perception, I know most of you cannot believe this prophesy but I can assure you that this year God has chosen the team to lead Africa “he said.

Among others Prophet Mtupa said God told him that the Flames will remove peoples perception that the countries team is weak and cannot achieve anything .

“God has told me that Flames just need to pull up its socks so that it should make a name on its own, people have been thinking that we have been always failures in football but I can assure you that Malawi national football team this year will make history, said Mtupa.

Mtupa continued by asking people to continue praying so that the prophecy should come true.

According to History this is the first time for Malawi to enter into the next level of AFCON.



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