And Lubinda says these same loyal PF cadres bring down Hakainde Hichilema’s rule.Lubinda says the PF loyal cadres who were left in government are daily briefing Lungu and PF losers all that which Hichilema is working on including State secrets.

Koswe investigations also reveal that a private communication system for listening to all top Hichilema government workers was installed and currently housed in Woodlands area.

Kampyongo, Lubinda and Lungu himself are aware of these tactics.

“Each time when anyone who is a PF loyalist is removed or transferred by the new dawn government, PF are crying tribal! Tribal but the real cry is that their informers and possible people to help remove and frustrate Hichilema have been removed but unfortunately these criminals are working together with some of those people HH appointed in key positions and their have ambitions,” said our sources. -Koswe