Top 3 reasons married women cheat


One minute you’re screaming couple goals, the next minute you hear that the guy has divorced his wife because she cheated.

It’s crazy!

Infidelity breaks trust, it causes divorces and separations and can leave a once peaceful home in shambles. Nevertheless, there are some underlying reasons that can trigger cheating. And that’s what we hope to discuss in this article.

Today, we will be looking at the top 3 reasons married women cheat. So brace yourselves guys, it’s about to get ugly.

1. Bad s*x

A lot of people go about saying s*x is not important, but that’s a lie, It’s a big fat lie! They don’t know what they’re saying. S*xual dissatisfaction is a major reason women cheat on their husbands. If you can’t satisfy your wife s*xually, then there’s a chance she will look for this satisfaction somewhere else.

Also, if you deprive your wife of s*x or starve her as a form of punishment, she will search for this satisfaction elsewhere.

Distance can also play a role in this, men who travel a lot or stay far from home due to the nature of their work, are likely to be victims of infidelity in their marriage.

This is why it is recommended that couples have similar libidos and live together.

2. Abuse/Domestic violence

Being emotionally, verbally or physically abused can make a faithful and caring wife cheat, without remorse. Suffering abuse from the hands of a husband is a terrible thing. Before you know it, depression sets in and when someone else starts to offer care and emotional support, it’s only a matter of time before it gets sexual.

Let me also point out that domestic violence and abuse may not be the result of her husband’s actions, but rather of horrific childhood experiences she endured as a child. Those events may be the root of her unfaithfulness, as she may find it difficult to stay devoted to a man.

3. Unappreciation

A husband’s Ingratitude can make a wife become unfaithful. Women love to be given attention, they love compliments and want to be taken care of. When a woman doesn’t get these things, it’s only a matter of time before she drifts away into the arms of another man who showers her with praise and care.

Asides from lack of attention and care, another form of unappreciation is Frustration. When a woman makes several efforts to solve a problem in the marriage only to have them thwarted by her husband, frustration sets in and that’s not a good sign.

So dear men, have a look at this list, find out where you’re lacking and do better. Your future self will thank you.

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