4 Places You Should Not Make Call


The use of phones brought about a lot of development in the society. This includes advancement in communication, movement and other everyday activities which everyone engages in.

As much as it brought its benefits to humans, it also has some of its hazards as well as dangers which have been proven to be really bad to man kind.

When using a phone, there are a lot of things you should keep in mind, one of the which includes the appropriate time and place to make your calls. This is because it has sadly caused the damage of a lot of people.

So in this article, I am going to be talking about some places you should not make calls

1. At the Gas Station or near a gas filler

It is important that you keep in mind that it is very hazardous to make calls near a gas filler. This has been proven to cause fire explosion which no one deserves. When making calls, there are some radio active from phones which have been proven to cause explosion when combine with gas fumes.

2. At a filling station or fuel pump

Just like in the case of gas fillers, using your phones to make calls very close to the fuel pump has been proven to be dangerous. This is because of the radioactive from most phones when calls are made that could combust when in contact with fuel fumes.

3. When cooking with gas cooker

When cooking with a gas cooker, it is advised that you avoid making calls or even using your phone. This is because it has on most cases lead to gas explosion and death of many.

4. When refilling your generator set

When refilling your generator set, it is also dangerous to use your phones to make calls as it could lead to gas explosion.

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Flora Mitumba
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