Woman who was kicked out of Vatican over sexy outfit says she will stop being Catholic


An online influencer who claimed she was thrown out of the Vatican for being “too sexy” has now said she will stop being Catholic because of how she was treated.

Juju Vieira, who is originally from Brazil, was on a trip to Saint Peter’s Basilica at the heart of the holy city while in Rome on January 30, 2022.

She wore a fitted dress and long boots for the visit.

Woman kicked out of Vatican for wearing sexy outfit says she will stop being Catholic

She claims that while there she was told she was not dressed properly and asked to leave.

Juju said: “I went to the Vatican like everyone else goes to take pictures.

“A gentleman who worked there came close to me and said that the place was for prayers and that I was not dressed properly and invited me to leave, ‘kicked’ me out of the Vatican.

“I was embarrassed because there were other people there who heard this. I felt disrespected.”

Since then, Juju, who is baptized and was raised in a strict Christian home and regularly attended mass, claims she has been persecuted by trolls online, who are sending hateful messages.

“I met the lack of God in the hearts of people who call themselves Catholic in the worst possible way,” Juju told her followers on Instagram.

She added: “They found out my number and I even received threats. I don’t identify with that kind of religious conduct.”

Woman kicked out of Vatican for wearing sexy outfit says she will stop being Catholic

As a result of what happened at the Vatican and the resulting abuse, she has now decided to give up her faith and explore other religions.

She said: “I want to be who I am, dress the way I want, sexy or not.

“I want to know other religions, today I identify more with spiritism.”

The Vatican has a strict dress code for both men and women, which involves covering shoulders and knees.

The website states: “Women are not permitted to wear sleeveless tops, crop tops, or tight shirts. Shoulders should be covered, and if wearing a skirt or dress, it must cover the knees.

“It is usually a good idea for women to bring a shawl and a pair of leggings when visiting during the colder months, as well as a light jacket that can be rolled up into a pleasingly tiny bag.”

Juju claims she was not aware of the code and was dressed as she would normally for a day out.

The model said: “I didn’t even know there were rules.

“A person of common sense will not visit the Vatican in club clothes. I was stylish in my winter clothes, everything matched.

“I went in comfortable clothes that I would feel good in for long walks.

“Comfort was my only concern.”

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