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How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath By Doing These Simple Tips

There are many guys who battle with bad breath but can’t seems to find any solution to it. I’ve been in the same shoes since childhood through to my high school days.

I seems don’t know what to do to away with bad breath. It is mostly called halitosis and it mainly comes as a result of poor hygiene or dehydration. Below are some simple tips to get rid of bad breath.

Brush twice a day

This is the very first method to help you get rid of bad breath. Always make it a point to brush twice daily. Many guys always brush in the morning but they seems not to understand why they should brush in the evening. Brushing daily and especially in the evening would help remove cavities from your teeth when asleep.

Scrape your tongue

Scraping your tongue when brushing helps to remove cavities which get to build up in the tongue thereby causing severe bad breath. Mostly, guys who find it difficult to scrape their tongue are the ones who gets dental problems and bad breath. Try cleaning your tongue with a very good brush so as not to cause any pain when brushing.

Avoid onion or sugary foods

It is advisable to desist from foods which contain high amount of onion, garlic and sugary since they tend to leave some sort of bad smell.

I personally became a laughing stock on campus when I decided to eat raw garlic. Such act scare most people from me since they thought I used to release bad odour when I chew it. Avoid eating onions and vegetables raw if you want to do away with bad breath.

Change your brush every 3-5 months

Try as much as possible to change your brush every 3 to 5 months after using it. This would release a sense of freshness when brushing.

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