ZAMBIA| Wife Charges Husband $3.00 (ZK50.00) Per Sex Encounter


A man from Kanyama , in Zambia has told the court that his wife has been charging him ZK50.00 ($3.00) per sexual encounter.

This is in a matter where a woman has dragged her husband to court for a divorce.

The Woman explained that her husband has another woman, whom he goes to for sex and that it has been 2 years since they had intercourse yet they are husband and wife.

When the man was asked for defence he said he is indeed seeing someone else, because his wife has been charging him $3.00 per sexual encounter.

He says a long time ago, he would manage to pay for two weeks in advance but at the moment, his business is slow as such he is unable to generate enough revenues to sustain his sexual desires with his wife since she charges him.

“My Lord, I have been forced to look for an alternative woman who just appreciate my manhood without demanding any payment.

“My Lord, my wife has been charging me. She wants $3.00 per sex encounter which is now too much for me. At least when my business was booming, I could give her 2,000 and sleep with her any time I want.

“She just used to deduct from the money for every sex we had. But now it’s impossible”

The man caused laughter in court when he said the $3.00 is just for one round.

“If by any chance I manage to release ( ejaculate) in one minute that’s it. Another round attracts an additional charge of $3.00 (ZK50.00) Is this how marriage should be? I want to be out of this marriage”

Lamented the man!

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