The defence in the Cementgate Case led by Bright Theu has expressed worry over the delays in the case.

This comes as High Court judge Redson Kapindu on Tuesday turned down an application by the State for the court to fix bail conditions for former State Residences Director-General Peter Mukhito and Roza Mbilizi to be similar to those of the other three accused persons in the Cementgate case.

Kapindu faulted the State for how they brought the application, saying such an application needed to be brought using a sworn affidavit.

Kapindu has however advised that the State can make a fresh application on the matter by following the right procedures.

Meanwhile, Theu who is also representing Mohamed Shafee Chunara in the case said it has been over one-and-a-half years since his client was arrested in the matter but the case is allegedly progressing at a snail’s pace.

According to Theu, the accused persons are yet to take a plea in the matter as there have been “too many preliminary objections”.
But DPP Steven Kayuni has said Theu needs to be aware that the case involves five accused persons and that the schedules of their lawyers are different.
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