Zion Church Bishop Fined Five Cows For Impregnating Married Woman


A Bishop with Zion Church in Bikita, Masvingo province was shamed after his secret love affair with a married woman that resulted in the birth of a child was exposed at a Community Court where he was fined five beasts after being found guilty of adultery.

Bishop Joel Musariri from Musariri Village was slapped with a five beast fine by Chief Mpakwa for bedding Admire Manganye’s wife, Tendai Muguraumwe.

B-Metro gathered that the love affair reportedly started in 2009 and went undetected for years and Tendai committed paternity fraud when she did not tell her husband that he was not the father to one of her four children.

It was not until some villagers, who were privy to the shenanigans between Tendai and the self-acclaimed man of God, revealed to Manganye that he was not the biological father to one of Tendai’s children.

When Manganye confronted his wife, she confessed that she had been donating the forbidden fruit to Musariri behind his back.

Manganye, who was reportedly not comfortable with the ugly development, then approached Chief Mpakwa’s traditional court suing Musariri for bedding his wife.

B-Metro also gathered that the two – Tendai and Musariri – were cleverly planning and having their sex romps several times in the bush without Manganye’s knowledge.

At Chief Mpakwa’s court, Tendai admitted that she was bedding Musariri leading to the birth of a child whose paternity she had concealed from her husband.

After both Tendai and Musariri confessed their illicit affair, Chief Mpakwa who apparently felt that it was unfair for Musariri to ‘force’ Manganye to look after his own flesh and blood for more than 10 years ordered him to pay five beasts as compensation.

Speaking to B-Metro Chief Mpakwa confirmed that he summoned Musariri and ordered him to pay five beasts after he found him guilty of impregnating Manganye’s wife.

He said this was also after Tendai confessed that Manganye was not the real father to one of her children.

“Manganye was disappointed and felt upset and betrayed. This was after he discovered that for years he had been looking after another man’s flesh and blood. As a Chief I felt that it was unfair for Musariri to order Manganye to bear full responsibility for a child who was not his and that’s why I ordered him to pay five beasts as compensation,” said Chief Mpakwa.

He said he totally rebuked Musariri’s act saying what he did as a man of God was against social customs, values and ethos.

Credit: mbaretimes.com

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