Prophet Seer1 Claims Hakainde Hichilema Is The Most Hated President


Controversial Nigerian man of God Prophet Andrew Ejimadu also known as Seer1 is claiming that Zambia’s President Hakainde Hichilema is the most hated person in the country.

Seer1 made the claims via a statement seen by Face of Malawi in which he said among others Hichilema comes from a tribe that many people said would not rule Zambia.

Below is the full statement of Seer1’s arguments on his sentiments…


I Made this statement in the last video that I posted and many people needed an explanation into this.

  1. He came from a tribe that many people said would not rule Zambia.

While working with the PF many years ago, the keywords were always these “Seer1, do not support a TONGA to rule over Zambia, these guys are greedy, these guys are stingy, these guys love themselves only and these guys are backward.

These were the words said by the PF to me each time that we met, this can be confirmed by the type of campaign that PF ran towards the election. Let’s be truthful, these words are still there and that hatred is there and even worse now.

  1. Coming from the SDA church that rarely participate in politics, the Catholic Church played a major role in pushing out the PF government because PF was always in confrontation with the Catholic and Catholic has always sided with the people especially the poor so while SDA preferred to remain quite, Catholic took it upon herself to helped in pushing out PF not because they love HH but because they wanted PF out.

President HH received zero support from the Pentecostal churches because to most of them, HH was a satanist, not chosen by God and someone that would sell the nation to the devil.

In fact that has not changed, up to now majority of the Pentecostal churches are praying that he fails and be removed from the state house, they believe that darkness is occupying the state house, to most of the Pentecostal churches, their chosen one who happens to be Edgar Lungu will come back miraculously and continue ruling the nation (Which will never happen) never ever happen.

So love from the pente for the President, there’s no and love from the church is just at 10%

  1. How about the media? During the campaign period, I called one of the online media publications to receive my payment and post the adverts for President HH, they openly told me that they cannot post anything about HH, I wrote to so many online media to help us to publish our campaign posts for the President and majority of them refused but continued publishing posts about Lungu and the PF.

Thanks to the few that responded to us such as Zedcorner, Watchdog Zambia, Koswe, Nkani and many other personal bloggers that rose for the President.

The only true and love that President HH received was social media love, yes the youths, these were the only true love that he received.

For the first time in the history of Zambia, the youths turned out in numbers to vote, rising up as early as 4am cueing at various polling stations to vote, this was genuine love and this love was born out of social media.

The pattern of tribalism which PF really depended on was broken through the social media because we were able to speak to the youths directly through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, we managed to convince them not to listen to Znbc, PF and their chiefs.

In conclusion!

Does HH genuinely have the support and love of the church? 10% yes.

Does HH genuinely have support of the other tribes in the nation, it’s 20% over 100%.

Does HH have the support of the media houses such as the Diamond TV, Camnet Tv etc! No.

Does HH have the support and love of social media and the youths, yes.

This is the reason why I said, he is hated and needs to be careful with his day to day activities, because 80% of those that are smiling with him now are really hurting to see him being called the president.

Finally, the President should take care of the youths and social media, these two decides who to lift and who to bring down and these two are currently genuinely in love with him.

President HH has the support and the love of God and that’s what is the most important of all.


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Flora Mitumba


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