Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO), through an Empowering Resilience, Mitigation and Protection of Women, Girls and Children Survivors of Tropical Storm Ana Impacts (ERMPS) Project, is yet to donate food and non- food items to people in the area of Traditional Authority Ndamera in Nsanje District in response to the effects of Tropical Storm ANA.

Jonas Kachikho, YONECO’s ERMPS Project Coordinator has disclosed this during a District Council meeting in Nsanje on Wednesday.

Kachikho said the project which has a budget of 90 million kwacha is expected to last for 6 months and will benefit 225 adolescents, 550 young people, 200 children and 1,975 men and women who are affected by cyclone ANA in the district.

“A total of  250 vulnerable women, adolescents and children, will each receive a pack of ten tablets of soap, two washable masks, one mosquito net, one bucket and food items of 20kgs maize flour, 10kgs beans, 1kg salt and two litres cooking oil”, Jonas explained

Kachikho added that the Project will involve renovations of toilets, maintaining wash rooms for girls in some schools, supplying stationery and teaching materials.

In his words, Juwawu Mwakwaniwa, Nsanje District Chairperson for People with Disabilities welcomed the development with a clean heart and asked YONECO not to leave out people with disabilities.

“I would like to thank you for the project that you have brought to our district but I have one request which is not to leave out the people with disabilities that are usually left behind”, he said

He advised YONECO to work with relevant government and non-governmental organisations in ensuring that there is coordination throughout the whole implementation of the project.

“I would like to ask you to work together with both the  government and non-governmental organisations in order to reach your goal during the implementation of your project.

YONECO is one of the organizations which has come out to help people who are affected by the floods and the dry spell which has affected many people in the country. Some of the organizations which has help the flood victims in the country are FAM through the charity shield match, Red Cross Society and also Muslims Association of Malawi.






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