Kachere Women Progressive Group Disseminates Sexual Reproductive Health Messages In Blantyre


Kachere Women Progressive Group (KWPG) sprinkled Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) messages, free family methods and cervical cancer screening on a talk show in Ntotera village, Traditional Authority Makata in Blantyre.

Malango Maganga, KPWG Executive Director on Friday said the show was to encourage accessibility of modern contraceptives among females of reproductive age group.

“An England based organization by the name Amplified for Change is the one funding the project and our project here in Malawi is called “Expanding availability, access and utilization of modern SRH services”. The aim of these services is to reduce unplanned pregnancies among marginalized women in the city of Blantyre”, she explained

According to Zaziwe Gunda, Senior Medical Officer for Blantyre District Health Office said he was very glad that more partners are coming to help with the hand in family planning and cervical cancer screening.

“It is very pleasing to see more and more organisations coming in to help with the hand in family planning in order to control the birth rate in the country and not only that the partners are helping with the cervical cancer screening”, Gunda said

Group Village Ntolera has urged the government and relevant stakeholders to continue helping women through such initiatives because it is through these campaigns that women and men can understand issues affecting their sexual life.

“I would like to ask the government and the organisations that are working together in reducing the unplanned pregnancies and cancer screening that the initiatives should continue and not being timely as it has been most of the times so that women and men in the country can come to understand their sex life”, the Group Village said

The project is targeting all the Traditional Authority’s in the hard to reach areas in the city of Blantyre and it is aiming at curbing domestic violence and abuse against women and girls for the two years that they will be working.


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