Signs That Shows That You Are Having a Boy During Pregnancy


Once you start spotting the early signs of pregnancy, you might start looking into everything as potential signs you are having a boy.Here are signs that can help you determine that you are carrying a boy.

1.Morning Sickness.

There is little science to claim this study.However, the studies all focused on severe morning sickness also called hyperemesis gravidarum.Motheres with morning sickness, do have boys so don’t use this as a definitive sign that you are having a boy.

2.Belly Shape.

Although some mother’s swear by this, belly shape is not an indication of baby’s sex.But if you are curious these things do affect your shape.

3.Food Cravings.

Food cravings do not indicate the sex but you should not ignore on this.As it turns out, your cravings can tell you important information about what your body needs.

For instance, craving salty foods means that your body is in need of more healthy fats.

4.A Big Appetite.

Pregnant women with boys have 10% higher appetite calorie intake than those carrying girls.They also have 8% higher intake of proteins, 9%intake of carbohydrates and higher intake of vegetables.

5.Skin Condition.

Dry skin does not mean your baby is a boy, but it should not be Ignored.If you are experiencing all over dryness, try increasing your water Intake.

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Misso Chitsamba
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