Thief Gets Stuck In A Maize Field In Mulanje


A 36 year old man (name withheld) was found stuck in a maize field belonging to a certain woman in Namulenga community, Mulanje district.

According to an eye witness (name withheld) said, the man is a professional thief who is well unknown by his stealing skills but this time around he met his fate.

“I was coming back from field earlier this afternoon and found this man here, in this field and I knew he was stealing because I personally know the owner of this field. Upon seeing me he said he wanted some help because he is not able to go out of the field,  if he tries to go to the other corner he is not finding his way out of the field,” the eye witness said.

The witness said upon hearing the thief’s statement he was shocked and went to the nearby houses to tell people what has happened to the man so that they could help him out.

Elders in the nearby village said it is only the owner of the field who can help him and decided to call her but the line was not going through.

“I think the man has been here for over 4 to 5 hours, because it was around past one when i was coming back from my harvest, i used this root because i wanted to see my friends and  pay my clients,” he explained.

The owner of the field arrived at the scene at 4:30 pm and told the thief that she does not know the medicine to make him see his way out.

It took some chiefs and elders’ initiative to convince the owner of the field to release the man from the spell and after some time the thief’s spell was cast out after his relatives paid 20 thousand to the owner of the field.

“I wish what i saw today could happen to all the thieves in the world so that we could live in a free world and i believe this person will not have the effort to steal again in his life time, if he will that means he is possessed,” the source added.

Another eye witness, Fatima said the man was lucky to come out alive in the field after the incident and he should thank the owner that she did not allow people to beat him.

“The owner punished the thief in her own way and i believe he has learnt his lessons from this experience of today,” Fatima said.

The owner has warned other thieves that they shall face the same fate if they try her gain.

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