Lady Shares Chat With Sister’s Husband Who Promised To “Lick Her Honey Pot” After She Caught Him Cheating


In a rather surprising version of events, a quite disgusted Nigerian lady has shared the chat she had with her brother-in-law who tried to bribe her with sex after she nabbed him cheating on her sister.

Judging from the conversation which was published on social media, the man, identified simply as John had sent her a message to talk things over after she nabbed him red-handed.
It’s obvious that the lady caught her unfaithful brother-in-law on his matrimonial bed with another woman, and she promised to report him to her sister about the incident.
In a bid to resolve the issue, her brother-in-law promised to give her a great round of sex and also vowed to lick her honey pot, so as to keep her mum.
Disgusted by his offer or the fact that he thought she felt the same way towards him, the lady shared the conversation online and promised to tell her sister the kind of husband she got married to.
Read their conversation below👇
Sir John:
Linda, how are you?
I am good
Sir John:
How is my mother in-law? I hope you are taking care of her?
I am taking care of my family well unlike some people
Sir John:
I think we have something to discuss.
Why don’t we talk about what happened yesterday?
I hve noting to discuss with u. Let’s just wait till my sister comes back.
Just know that u have totally lost my respect
Sir John:
C’mon you don’t have to do this..
I saw u with a woman in my sisters matrimonial bed and u even have guts to speak 2 me
Hve u no shame?
Sir John:
Trust me. It’s not what u think.
Incase u DNT Kno, my sister has actually bin suspecting u as a cheat
She knows u have always bin a suspect. Can’t bliv this. I saw u with my own eyes. U didn’t even go to a hotel. In ur home. U disgust me
Sir John:
I didn’t mean to hurt her or anyone for that matter. I love your sister who much. Please don’t do this 5:45 PM
I promise to make it up to you
Make it up to mi?
I am not ur wife
Sir John:
I mean both of you
But trust me ur wife must hear this.! My sister nids to know the man she married
Sir John:
Listen. Telling your sister this would only shatter her and I’m sure you want your sister to be happy.
Why don’t we settle this within ourselves?
Settle it how
Sir John:
Anything you want? You name it? Or I’m sure you want to have a taste too. I see the way you look at me when your sister isn’t looking I know you want some of this 🍆🍆
U are more disgustin than I tought
Sir John:
I could give you a head too. C’mon stop acting like a child I know you want this. I will make u scream when I go downtown. If you know what I mean
You want me to strip for u?
U will gladly sleep with ur wife’s sister
Sir John:
It’s just sex.
How irritating can u get
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