Man Caught Stealing Goat In Mulanje


A 26 year old man, Samuel Chimtali was caught stealing a goat in an old man’s goat house near Wathuluwa village, Traditional Authority Juma in Mulanje district.

According to the source (name withheld), Chimtali is a butcher man at Nkando Trading Centre, due to other personal problems his business has not been going well for the past two months.

“The man in question is my very good friend and i cannot lie to say things have not been easy for him due to the family problems. Though things got worse each and every day but i am not in support of the decision he has taken today and being a friend, i am ashamed of this behavior,” the source said.

He added that although he knew his friend’s condition he was waiting for him to ask for assistance since Chimtali does not take any help from anyone except his family members.

The owner of the goats, identified as Majiya said he has nothing against Chimtali since he knows him as a very hard working businessman and believes that his condition was the one that made him to steal from him.

“Everyone has problems in life, the bible says we should forgive and I have forgiven him but with a condition,” he explained.

Majiya said Chimtali has to work for him for 5 months as a butcher in order to repay the stealing loan, if he will be successful in those 5 months Majiya will be supplying meat for him to sale at an affordable price up until the business get back to normal once again.

When asked to involve the police he said: “My case is settled here there is no need to involve them, i have given what this man wanted in his life and that is capital, if i complain to the police about him will he get the capital?, the only problem i see here is that he was not bold enough to open up so that people should help him.”

Majiya vowed to help Chimtali in his business and has warned that any mistake from Chimtali will call for trouble since he did not want to ask for assistance from other people.

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