“Black President Who is Loved by White People is Not For Black People” — Woman To Ramaphosa


An angry South African lady gave her own reasons why she thinks that president Cyril Ramaphosa should go. On social media, especially Twitter, there are arguments for and against President Cyril Ramaphosa.

She noted that Ramaphosa, a black president is loved so much by the white people, and therefore, he cannot be for black people. She is coming from racism perspective if we are not mistaken.

While others are siting corruption, Arthur Fraser’s accusations, Glencore corruption scandals, increase in fuel prices as the reasons for wanting Ramaphosa out of office, This lady came from a very different perspective, saying that, “A black president who is loved by white people is not for black people! National Shutdown. Ramaphosa must go. Ramaphosa must fall”. Sadly, this is what some South Africans believe, that president Cyril Ramaphosa is more connected to white people than to the black people.

Someone tried to caution her that everything is not about race. He noted that because president Cyril Ramaphosa is a black president does not mean he should be enemy to the white people because they are all South Africans. He added, “I love that you love the country me too, but everything is not about race not all white like him just like not all blacks like him, we should blame the people who put him in that place”. Another person wrote, “You just reminded me of my finance ex-boss he used to say when white forks like you in finance you must check what you’ve doing wrong n definitely most of our colleagues got suspended in cause of not following policies and procedures”.


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