Monkey pox detected in South Africa


The first case of monkey pox has been detected in South Africa. The patient is a 30 year old male from Johannesburg who has no travel history, meaning that this cannot be attributed to having been outside South Africa. Contact tracing has commenced, identifying any additional linked cases of monkey pox in SA.

Several South Africans have raised concerns and suspicion on the announcement. “We can’t rest in Satafrika , minutes after dropping the mask mandate, arrives a new warrior named monkeypox.

Here’s how Mzansi citizens reacted:

@TsietsiMohale A day after letting go of COVID regulations, the Health Minister announces 1st case of Monkey Pox .Something is beating the waters.

@Xavier We had to put our Masks down so that we can smell the news of monkey pox properly neh? All of this is planned but guess what? They dzo not call us dis hard for nothing.

@Chiller_MB Someone is manufacturing these deseases, it can’t be that we go through such hard times because some corporations wanna make money.

@returnAzania Monkeypox for who? We’re busy with #PhalaPhalaFarmGate. Cyril Ramaphosa must be arrested for trying to cover up a crime and hiring immigrants for jobs that don’t require scarce skills, tax evasion.

What is monkey pox?

Monkey pox is a rare viral infection in humans. The virus is not highly transmissible and close physical contact is required for transmission.

How monkey pox spreads

Person-to-person transmission involves close contact (for example kissing, cuddling, sexual contact) with an infected person or materials that have been contaminated by an infected person (for example sharing linen, clothes and other household items). Any persons, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, can catch monkey pox if they have close contact with someone infected with the virus.


Monkey pox symptoms include fever and general flu-like symptoms, followed by the eruption of a blister-like rash on the skin. The disease is rarely fatal and cases typically resolve within two to four weeks. Most cases do not require hospital treatment.


Prevention of monkey pox infection hinges on the isolation of cases until fully recovered. The risk to the general population is considered low, given the low transmissibility of the virus.

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Misso Chitsamba
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