Man Strap To A Tree In Chiradzulu


A 69 year old man, Mwanyumbu was straped to a tree in a graveyard at Salira village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Majukuta in Chiradzulu district.

According to Lameck Mbigwani, an eye witness said the man is well known for assaulting people in the village whenever he is drunk and when there is a funeral he always make sure to cause confusions among people by demanding a lot of food from the kitchen or even stealing the pots of meat when they refuse to give him some food.

“Mwanyumbu always cause trouble for people and sometimes he drinks a lot of beer whenever he wants to cause confusions during festivals or funerals,” said Mbigwani.

He added that on this fateful day, there was a funeral in the village and as usual Mwanyumbu went to a drinking joint where he drunk a lot of beer and after he had a lot he went straight to the graveyard where “adzukulu” were digging the grave and caused confunsions and trouble to the extent that they were unable to do their work peacefully.

“The adzukulu decided to tie him up to one of the trees close to where they were digging the grave and left him there up until the whole burial ceremony was over,” Mbigwani explained.

Partirick Aliho, one of the adzukulu said they decided to tie him to the tree because of his behavior and that they were unable to do their job since he was busy putting sand in the pit when they were busy digging.

“We decided to tie him up since this is not the first doing this and a lot of people complain about him, I remember the last time he commited an offence the village warned him and gave people the power to deal with him whenever he commits another mistake, this is how we decided to show him that we are tired of his despicable behavior in this village,” Aliho explained.

Mwanyumbu did not comment on the matter when asked to do so but constantly asking people to untie him since he was tired being on the tree from morning hours.





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