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5 Famous People In World Born With Extra Body Parts


Nowadays, everyone wants to fit into the society and for that, they are ready to do anything. People get gym memberships to get a perfect body, they visit salons to look great, and some people even opt for cosmetic procedures to look younger and more beautiful.

However, there are also some people who have to stay being the way they are, and it is not the question of some scar, or graying hair, fine lines, or other skin issues, it is about extra body parts.

There actually are people who are born with extra body parts and attract that extra attention wherever they go, whether they like it or no. Let us get to learn about 5 people with extra body parts right away.

1. Hong Hong

In the year 2016, a boy named Hong Hong was born in Hunan province, China, with 16 toes and 15 fingers. He was diagnosed with polydactylism, an inherited condition that affects only one in every 1,000 children. Even his mother suffers from this condition and has six toes on each foot and 6 fingers in each hand. When she conceived she thought her baby too may get affected, and that is exactly what happened. However, after managing to raise $30,000 through funds, Hong Hong’s family was able to opt for a surgery

2. Deepak Paswan

Deepak Paswan, a boy from India, was leading a childhood that was not at all easy. He was born along with the legs and arms of his underdeveloped twin that was growing out of his chest. Many children would bully him, and Hindu pilgrims would visit his place to worship him, believing him to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is usually depicted as having additional limbs.

However, in 2010 a charitable hospital in Bangalore agreed to perform a surgery on him worth $78,000 that too free of cost. This surgery would give Deepak the chance to live a normal life. The surgery was successful and today Deepak leads a normal life like other boys of his age.

3. Myrtle Corbin

In 1888 a baby girl was born with dipygus, a congenital deformity, because of which she had two separate pelvises, located side by side, and an extra pair of legs. Next to her stronger outer legs were her smaller inner legs. Myrtle could easily move the inner legs as she did her outer ones, but she could not walk using them. Despite some medical problems Myrtle gave birth to a son and four daughters. She died at the age of 60 in 1928.

4. Yin Xin

Yin Xin from China, just like Deepak Paswan, had to suffer because of the growth of her unborn twin connected to her body. When she was born it was seen that she had a small arm growing from her back, but with her growing it grew as well and began gaining the shape of a human with fingers, a stomach, and also a breast was noticed. By the time Yin was 11, half of her back was covered with the underdeveloped fetus. Her parents saved for the operation and in 2007 the fetus was successfully removed.

5. Kang Kang

You must have heard about people being double-faced, and this is not just a saying. This can happen in real life, and Kang Kang is a living example. This kid was born with one face sitting on top of another. And certainly, this is one of the weirdest cases of extra body parts that is so clearly visible.

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