Immediately You Notice These Signs, Don’t Allow Your Partner To Have S3x, Abstain From It Completely


Red flags, by definition, are indicators of problematic components that are bound to come and bite you in the back if you ever ignore them in the first place.

The thought of getting intimate is a very pleasurable feeling. However, the consequences we may experience after ignoring certain red flags can be detrimental.

Once you notice any of these signs outlined below; it is advisable to totally abstain from sex for the time being and seek help.

If positive, explain to your partner you need a break from sexual related activities for the meantime.

Changes in urination. An STI can be indicated by pain or a burning sensation during urination, the need to pee more frequently, or the presence of blood in the urine.

As a man or woman, halt carnal activities and only resume after seeking medical attention and treatment.

Abnormal vaginal discharge. The appearance and regularity of vaginal discharge changes constantly through a lady’s menstrual cycle or even in the absence of a cycle.

Thick, white discharge can be a sign of a yeast infection.

When discharge is yellow or green, it might indicate gonorrhea or trichomoniasis. When these unusual discharges are identified, sex should be a no-go-area.

Itching in the genital area. Itching is a nonspecific symptom that may or may not be related to an STI.

Sex-related causes for vaginal itching may include: allergic reaction to a latex condom, yeast infection, pubic lice or scabies, genital warts (early phases of most bacterial and viral STIs).

To be on the safer side, identify the cause of the itchiness and treat it before engaging in carnal activities.

Pain during sex. This symptom is often overlooked, but abdominal or pelvic pain can be a sign of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

PID is most commonly caused by the advanced stage of chlamydia or gonorrhea.

Abnormal bleeding. Abnormal bleeding is another possible sign of PID or other reproductive problems caused by an STI.

If you notice any signs of unusual bleeding before, during or after making love; it is advisable to abstain from sexual activities for the time being and seek Medi attention.


Rashes or sores. Sores or tiny pimples around the mouth or around the genitals and nether regions can indicate herpes, HPV, or syphilis.

Once you notice any of these on your partner, that is not the perfect time to get intimate.

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Flora Mitumba


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