Zambian Man Left Stranded With Kids After His Father In-Law Took Back His Daughter Over Unfinished Bride Price


A Zambian man woke up to a rude awakening after he was left with his under 10 five children to take care of, after his father in-law took back his daughter who happens to be his wife.

According to reports, the man, did not finish paying bride price to the family of his wife.

Despite knowing that he owes his wife’s family money, he kept fathering children to her, with the promise that he will settle the balance.

When the father of the wife saw that time was passing and the man was not honoring his promise, he simply went to the house and took his daughter, leaving behind five small children.

According to the father, he will return his daughter to her husband’s house once the balance is settled.

Meanwhile, the man is begging the family of his wife to give him back his wife promising that he will fetch for the money and settle the bill.

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Flora Mitumba
Flora Mitumba


  1. It’s risky that move. What if the man finds another willing woman to live with or what guarantee is there that the woman will not be fooling around with other men while she is away. These days seperations don’t work out as most people are very weak morally.

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