Meet a woman born without collarbones (learn more here)


A woman’s shoulders can meet together in the middle of her body due to being born with a rare one-in-a-million condition that leaves her without collarbones.

Danielle Lewis, 33, from Cannock, Staffordshire, was born with cleidocranial dysplasia, a rare genetic condition affecting teeth and bones, which in turn, can have an impact on the spine, skull, collarbones, and legs.

Danielle was born without collarbones and has a unique party trick she showcases on social media, where she can touch her shoulders together.

‘My family knew as soon as I was born that I had cleidocranial dysplasia and as well as being born without collar bones, it’s also affected my height – I’m only 4ft 11 – as well as causing joint pain, a prominent forehead, and short limbs.

‘Being able to touch my shoulders together in front of my body is certainly my party trick and first realised I was able to do it when I was younger.

‘I was laying on my side and my shoulders were touching. My friend pointed it out to me and couldn’t believe it. I just thought everyone could do it.’

Being able to touch her shoulders together Danielle's party trick which she showcases on her TikTok account

Danielle has passed the rare condition on to her three kids; Ruby Angel, 13, Lily Grace, 12, and Max Thomas, six, who each share her fascinating ability to touch their shoulders together too.

The stay-at-home mother continued: ‘People are so shocked when they see us doing our party trick.

She wrote on her latest TikTok video that when someone asks what she 'brings to the table' her trick 'works every time'

‘It’s not every day you see someone touching their shoulders together, so I think it’s even more shocking when a few of us can do it together.

‘They always want to give it a go themselves as they seem to think they’ll be able to do it as well. It makes us laugh.

‘It’s a 50/50 gene and I was hoping I wouldn’t pass it on to my kids because I was bullied sometimes when I was younger.

Danielle was born without collar bones and has a unique party trick she showcases on social media, where she can touch her shoulders together

‘It affects your teeth, so I had to have surgery when I was 11 to remove all of my baby teeth and wait for the other ones to come through. I’ve got crooked teeth now.

‘But over the years I’ve grown a thick skin and now I don’t care what people think about me.

‘I want to be this way for my girls too because I want them to live a free and happy life, and not feel the same way I did.’


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