The Blantyre Senior Resident Magistrate’s Court has sentenced 5 years imprisonment a sales named Henry Madani, who worked at Universal Industry Industries.

Henry Madani aged 46 was charged with hard labor for stealing K4,182,000 cash belonging to the company, Madani hails from Mbenje Village in Traditional Authority N’gabu in Nsanje district.

Inspector Widson Nhlane, Public Relations Officer for Ndirande Police Station said, “The court heard through state prosecutor Sergeant Mark Kavalo of Ndirande Police Station that Madani was working as sales representative for the said company.”

On June 25, 2022 Madani vanished with the cash after he sold the company’s products in Mwanza district where he was sent by his authorities.

“The detective successfully arrested him at Baghdad location in Ndilande. The matter was presented at Ndilande, the police also recovered a sum of K1,744,00 out of the stolen money.  Police Station where investigations were initiated.” Added Kavalo.

Appearing in court Madani pleaded not guilty prompting the state to parade three witnesses who showed the case beyond reasonable doubt.

The convict asked for merciful sentence saying he is a bread winner and first offender.

Prosecutor Kavalo said the company suffered a huge loss hence prayed for a stiff sentence to serve as a lesson to other evil minded sales representatives.

Passing sentence Senior Resident Magistrate Euphrazia Moyo concluded with the state and sentenced Madani to 5-years imprisonment with hard labour.

Madani hails from Mbenje Village in Traditional Authority N’gabu in Nsanje district.

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