A 26-year-old Primary School Teacher in Dares Salaam, Tanzania has been arraigned in court and sentenced for life for allegedly defiling a Class two child in his house during the night hours, when the young girl was taken to his house to help her in doing homework.

According to court documents seen by the media the accused is now banned from contacting the alleged victim’s and all employees of that school, until the prosecution desk finalize their investigations.

The prosecution desk told the court that preliminary tests performed on samples from the patient returned negative results on any infections. However, the hospital said it was conducting further investigations to ascertain the extents of injuries that victim suffered.

Dr Monda, who’s the Hospital’s managing director told journalists that the delays in letting the matter known might have contributed to weakening the test results.

The patient was washed by a female nurse in the morning after the incident when brought by relatives for medication.

However, it was this female nurse who was first informed by the patient that she had been defiled the previous night although the patient requested her to cover up the matter.

The school management only learnt about the matter two days later, after the patient had informed her mother, who, in turn, told the senior nursing officer-in-charge. The delay partially took away the evidence.

He had to surrender his passport and is also not allowed to leave NSW, or go within 1km of an international point of departure.

The accused is also required to report to Macquarie Fields Police Station three times per week. 

He said that the suspect will face one charge of sexually abusing the young child without consent in the court of law.

The Local Court on September for two counts of aggravated – sexually touch another person, and aggravated – incite another to sexually touch them, and sexually touch another person without consent.


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