The study of science and it’s practical work sometimes gets interesting when such topics are raised everywhere. Everything that lives in this world has a name.

Unfortunately for those that don’t read wide, such vital information are kept away from them.

Honestly, tlhere are some structures that exist in the world which most of us think that does not have names.

In this article, we will look at the name of the space or line between two “boobs” and that between the buttocks of females.

When this question was asked on Quora, the responses received were many and quite distinct.

See the doctor’s response below.

The doctor said the name for the space between your two bombom is called intermammary cleft. The space between two boobs is called intermammary sulcus.

Latin name: sulcus intermammarius

He said “Technically – it is called the “intermammary sulcus“ or the “intermammary cleft“. (If you want to sound particularly learned you could go for the Latin “sulcus intermammarius“)”

He added that “Most people refer to it as cleavage – but that isn’t quite the same thing! Cleavage is not simply the space between the breasts . It is the intermammary sulcus and the medial surfaces of the mammae.”

“Gerald introduced himself to his second wife by commenting on the “temerarious nature of her décolletage and the magnificence of her embonpoint.” If you are going to letch – it pays to have a good vocabulary!”

See other responses received below: 

Hope you’ve learned something new today.



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