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How to check if a someone is listening to your phone calls or reading your text messages secretly

Did you know that no matter the kind of phone you using, be it the latest iPhone or Android phone no matter how secured the phone might be, you are still prone to cyber attacks from hackers.

You could be protecting your device from malicious acts by installing antivirus on your phone, but sometimes these hackers are so smart that they are able to by pass the security system due to some lapse in the security protocols and lost often than not this happens due to our own negligence and ignorance. Not just hackers, there are even some free apps to spy on a cheating spouse.

Whiles these Antivirus companies develop sophisticated software to combat the attacks of the hackers, these hackers are also developing even more genius ways of hacking into our electronic devices, particularly cell phones.

If you’ve been using your phone without an updated antivirus, chances are that your phone might have been hacked already.

It would be in your best interest to get yourself an antivirus and ensure that it is well updated to identify and prevent any modern virus attacks.

In order to determine if someone is listening in, forwarding your phone calls or even reading your text messages there are three simple codes you have to dial.

Any of these three under-listed codes would reveal to you any number that is forwarding your calls or text messages. If you fortunately, or unfortunately find out that your privacy has been breached, don’t worry there is another way of blocking that hacker from listening to your calls.

To check if your phone calls have been hacked, simply dial any of these codes on your phone.

1. Dial *#62#

2. Dial *#21#

3. Dial *#002#

If a phone number appears or the word “Enabled”, or “Calls Forwarded” appears on your screen, then unfortunately you have been hacked but don’t panic, there’s an easy way to block that number. But if you don’t see any such results then your phone safe.

1. Dial ##62#

2. Dial ##21#

3. Dial ##002#

By dialing any of these numbers you will successfully block any number that is prying on your privacy. Congratulations your phone is safe from eavesdroppers.

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Flora Mitumba
Flora Mitumba
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