Check Out 15 Pictures Showing How Alcohol Is Not Good For You


If you don’t have control over your alcohol consumption, it’s a very bad thing. When you’re too intoxicated, it’s violent and horrible.Some people consume so much alcohol that they forget their names. They are referred to be alcoholics since they just drink for drinking and to get drunk.

Because they will be unable to walk, some of them are even transported home in a wheelbarrow. Consider how humiliating it would be to be told that your sibling or sister is so inebriated that you must transport them in a wheelbarrow.

Some of them can be seen sleeping close to dogs; they don’t seem to mind where they sleep as long as they can.

Some people even sleep in the bushes.

Some people even urinate themselves when they are inebriated, since they are unable to control their actions. They are unable to think clearly.

Some even get as dirty as children.


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