Why Is Dating Forbidden In Islam?


Alhamdulillah, one of the natural thing that happens to every person growing into puberty or adolescent is desire for the opposite sex.

This is normal and something natural due to hormonal changes and psychological changes of the body.

That is why the prophet pbuh said in hadith of Abu hurayrah r.a saying,

Command your child to pray when they reach 7 years and when the reach ten years, beat them and separate their beds.

Boyfriend and girlfriend has become a norm of society that anyone who does not have one is called gay, lesbian, weak in bed or not normal person.

Let society speak all of this for you are rewarded by Allah for he knows us better.

When we do not commit zina or have any illegal relationship as Islam orders us, we feel different from peoples and Allah will raise us higher.

The messenger of Allah pbuh hadith of salman bin faris r.a saying,

A time of trials and difficulty will appear that a person will suffer afflictions and hardship in the religion and that one deed of a person will be like a deed of fifty people.

Such is our days and time. Evil is praised and goodness is degraded.

The messenger of Allah pbuh spoke of the day when honesty is lost among people which is the deen.

Boyfriend and girlfriend has some good but the evil is serious.

We enjoy for a while but not forever.

The prophet pbuh said,

No man is alone with a woman except shaitan is the third of them.

Let people insult you for not having illegitimate relationship for the sake of Allah, jannah is our goal in sha Allah.

May Allah rectify our affairs and grants us sabr. Aamin

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