There are a lot of people out there who are struggling to sleep, and some of them it’s due to stress.

In most cases when you are stress and have a lot of things in your mind it’s hard to have a peaceful sleep, some people end up going to doctors asking for sleeping pills to help them get some sleep.

The problem with sleeping pills is that once you start taking them it’s hard to stop because they are addictive you can find yourself relying only on them to sleep and that can be dangerous sometimes.

Some people go through a lot of trouble just to have a peaceful sleep, not knowing that sometimes the solution it’s right next to you, and sometimes you don’t even have to spend so much money.

A lady by the name of Valenciam took to social media to share the secret of using onion to help you sleep peacefully at night.

Below is what she shared: I watched an informative video on TikTok of a lady saying that if you’re struggling with sleep, cut an onion and put it beside your bed before sleep. She says onions are a natural sedative, so you can slice it and put it in water then place it next to you.

After sharing this information she also posted a video, some people were impressed because it was not the first time they have heard of this.

Someone even commented saying that they also heard that it takes away the negative energy in the room to help you sleep better.

Because even the negative energy does contribute to you not having a good sleep.

It looks like an onion does a lot of things, someone also commented saying Onions seem to have a lot of benefits.

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