A yet to be identified man of God has shocked people on social media after a video of him prophesying to a woman that she will die for refusing to pay offering surfaces online.

In a video faceofmalawi.com ย came across, the man of God said he is not after the womanโ€™s money but her obedience and that she failed to contribute towards the house of God she will die.

According to the man of God, there is someone plotting the womanโ€™s death, he claimed that the person sent a snake to bite the woman to death but because of Godโ€™s mercy, she survived the attack.

He continued that at the time he was delivering the prophecy, the person was naked chanting the womanโ€™s name saying she will die in seven days.

But since the woman had refused to pay 7thousand to the church nothing will be done and she will surely die. And the whole church shouted amen in harmony.

The womanโ€™s effort to ask for forgiveness to the man of God, the pastor said nothing other than โ€œYou will dieโ€ to the woman.

This has caused controversy among social media users who accused the pastor of inflicting unnecessary fear to the woman.

Others said that the pastor wants nothing but money from his followers.

Watch the video belowโ€ฆ

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