The National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) says the national strategic grain reserve is expected to reach a substantial quantity of one hundred thousand and five hundred metric tons this year.

After receiving a disbursement of six billion kwacha from the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Food Reserve Agency has acquired one thousand and eight point four metric tons of maize in the past two weeks towards the projected procurement goal of eleven thousand metric tons.

Presently, the agency holds approximately fifty-seven thousand five hundred metric tons, and with the ongoing maize procurement efforts, an additional twenty-two thousand metric tons are expected to be obtained if government funds the agency with twelve billion kwacha.

Denis Kalekeni the Board Chairperson of NFRA, revealed that the World Bank has allocated ten million United States dollars to secure an additional twenty-one thousand metric tons of maize.

Kalekeni further stated that based on the historical draw-down statistics of the strategic grain reserve over the past few years, the projected quantity of one hundred thousand five hundred metric tons should be sufficient to support humanitarian and emergency relief programs, as well as stabilize maize prices through ADMARC.


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