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Govt Promotes Sporting Activities In Schools

Government through the ministry of education in a quest to develop and tame sporting skills from the youthful generation, the Ministry of Education has procured sports equipment for various sports disciplines worth K200 million.

Earlier this year, in March, the ministry issued a circular, signed by the Secretary for Education Chikondano Mussa, encouraging heads of schools and school managers at all levels to regard Physical Education (PE) as one of the core subjects and to ensure that it is appearing on the timetable.

In line with making P.E a core subject, the ministry through Equity with Quality and Learning at Secondary (EQUALS) procured sports equipment for various disciplines worth K200 million.

The sports equipment with some already distributed, about in 13 education districts in the country are expected to benefit as a pilot phase.

These 13 education districts include, Neno, Mwanza, Phalombe, Mulanje, Zomba rural, Balaka, Salima, Kasungu, Mchinji, Lilongwe rural west, Chitipa and Karonga

The ministry has managed to distribute sports equipment like 80 Handball balls, 36 Handball jerseys,24 Football poles, 42 Netball goals, 280 Netball shoes, 40 Chessboards, 36 Volleyball nets, 202 Javelin, 202 Discus and 202 Discus

The ministry has emphasized that  Each school is getting 2 discuss 2 javelin and 2 short put

The ministry is ensuring that the equipment are Inclusive and promotes sports for learners with diverse disabilities, like Chess, discuss among others.

Talent, skills development, skilled labour; implementation of Human Capital Development enabler number 5

The ministry aligns sports development through implementing Human Capital Development enabler number 5 which among other Key areas promotes skills development and skilled labour.

In a media tour taken recently in the southern region, we visited Phalombe Secondary School and Mpasa CDSS, and Namphungo CDSS, Chambe CDSS and Mulanje Secondary School in Mulanje.

Balaka secondary school deputy headteacher, Gresham Muhalu and Clement Majawa, Chambe Secondary School headteacher in Mulanje, were both excited arguing the schools had for a long time lacked sports equipment and this donation will go a long way in improving sporting activities at institutions.

Whereas, in the northern region, Chitipa secondary school, Namatubi CDSS and Karonga CDSS registered their happiness for receiving the sports equipment.# Education Is Key.

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