Police in Lilongwe have confirmed the death of a 38 year old man, Daviso Sitima, who committed suicide by tying himself to the ceiling of his own house after he was caught stealing chickens.

Lilongwe police spokesperson, Constable Khumbo Samyima said that this happened on 4th November 2023 in the Village of Chembekung’ombe, senior chief Kalumbu in the district.

According to Sanyiwa, Sitima stole a chicken belonging to one of his brothers in the village and hid it in his shirt and left.

During his journey, he met a child who realized that Sitima had hidden a chicken in his shirt.

When the child saw this, he told people at home, and people realized that one chicken is indeed missing.

When elders in the village questioned him, he agreed that he stole the chicken and the chicken was given back to the owner, and after sometime Sitima was found tied to the ceiling of his house.

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