The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has demanded immediate return of President Lazarus Chakwera to address Malawians following devaluation of the Kwacha.

In a statement, the rights coalition says for years, Malawians have been urged to endure the pain with promises of better days, but nothing is changing.

It says: “President Chakwera must immediately cut short his trips and address Malawians with actionable strategies to shield them from the effects of devaluation.

“Transparently explain how the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund is being utilized, for it has failed to cushion the people.”

HRDC also wants the President to detail how the devaluation will contribute to economic recovery and present a plan to avoid further devaluation.

“This is a national crisis, and we implore the President to address the nation NOW.

“Failure to do so will force the HRDC to mobilize Malawians for legitimate actions to protect their right to livelihood,” it adds.


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