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This Is Funny! Priеst intеrvеnе whеn thе groom took too much timе kissing his wifе at thе wеdding cеrеmony (Watch Video)

In a surprising moment at a recent wedding, a priest playfully intervened when the groom seemed to lose track of time while kissing his bride.

In a lighthearted video that has gone viral, the priest tapped the groom on the head, humorously chiding him for his over-enthusiasm during the kiss.

The video shows the couple at the altar sharing their first kiss, but the groom extends it longer than usual.

The priest interrupts the prolonged kiss in a comical manner, teasingly saying, “I thought the groom is a gentleman, but I didn’t know he’s a bad boy.”

The unexpected interruption elicited laughter from the crowd, adding a humorous twist to the solemnity of the ceremony.

Despite the interruption, the couple took it in stride, laughing along with their guests.

Watch video below…

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