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Man Commits Su!cide After Confronting With His Parents In Thyolo

A 22 Year-old man has found dead after hanging himself to a mango tree in Thyolo District.

Spokesperson for Thyolo police Rabecca Kashot has confirmed the sad development and identified the deceased as Eladi Sabuneti.

According to Kashoti, Elad has disagreement with his parents after scolded him when they thought he wanted to steal maize.

On Tuesday this week, Eladi arrived at the door of his home drunk and found his parents asleep, he went to the room where the maize is stored with the intention of stealing it but his elder brother caught him and told their parents about the matter.

The parents called Eladi and scolded him for this behavior.

The following day, on Wednesday afternoon, his mother was shocked when she saw her son’s body hanging from a mango tree with a rope around his neck.

The medical results showed that Eladi died of suffocation.

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