EFF leader Julius Malema has rebuffed President Cyril Ramaphosa’s proposal for a Government of National Unity (GNU), which would encompass all political parties with parliamentary seats.

Malema took to Twitter (X) to express his dissent, stating, “We can’t share power with the enemy,” in reference to the Democratic Alliance (DA), the country’s second-largest political party.

The EFF secured fourth place in the elections, behind the ANC, DA, and Jacob Zuma’s MK party, with no party achieving a full mandate to govern.

In a video statement, Malema also clarified his preference for a coalition government comprising ideologically aligned parties, rather than a GNU that includes political adversaries. While both terms are often used interchangeably, a GNU typically involves all parliamentary parties, whereas a coalition typically forms between parties sharing similar ideologies or goals.

Malema’s stance suggests he prioritizes a coalition that aligns with the EFF’s political stance over a GNU that includes parties with divergent views.

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