South African man is now trending on internet after being caught on camera digging up buried graves for bones and skulls.

In a viral video, the man is seen busy taking care a skull while laughing and it has brought endless questions among Netizens.


“Why is he digging up people who are resting and why is this not illegal… what the heck yoh, someone please explain what’s really happening here. They steal and sell the skulls?

“And yet some people have no love, untouchable, they think they are too special, you should put a human skeleton replica in your house that way it will remind you of humanity, love everyone because whatever you think you have, you don’t have, the next day, hour or min, is unknown”

“This is quite a bizarre incident but perhaps they want to go and rebury the remains somewhere else.

“In some countries graves are leased, so when the lease is up the bones are dug up and someone else is buried there”

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